Taylor + Chase Styled Wedding

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Taylor and Chase during this styled shoot at a photography retreat. You can see in each photo these two are hands down in love. They Taylor and Chase were naturals and made for an amazing, smooth and enjoyable day. 
Not only did I walk away with some of the most beautiful photos I feel I have ever captured, I walked away with new friends and so much knowledge. After 9 years of being in the wedding business I am proud that I still allow myself to grow, learn and leave my comfort zone. This is an industry that is forever changing as each wedding season goes by, and my time at the Darling Retreat will forever be one of the highlights of my career. Jen has taught me more then she could ever know. Aside from photography knowledge itself, I have found and learned to ban together with other photographers rather then letting my competitive nature build walls. I can  honestly say I walked into the weekend as one person, and came out more clear, focused and with more self confidence. I can't wait for my next Darling retreat.
Enjoy these images, let me know what you think!